Referee Education

The CSA Director of Referees will be conducting referee clinics throughout the year. Dates will be posted when there is an upcoming clinic.

If you are a player who wants to become a referee or an existing referee and would like to know when the next certification and re-certification clinics are being held go to the RISRC Website




Please visit the US-SOCCER website to submit your registration information. It is our intention to have as many people as possible register in that way. Paper forms will be on hand at re certification clinics for those people who choose not to register online. If you do not have your login information for the US-SOCCER website, please contact Steve Mauricio.

The clinics listed below are intended for people who are ALREADY REGISTERED as referees.

There are two different types of re certification clinics – one for Grades 8 and 9 referees, and one for Grades 5, 6 and 7 referees. It is suggested (but not required) that you attend the clinic associated with your referee grade. These clinics will cover some similar topics, but they also will differ based upon the experience level of the referees.

Question: Is there any pre-registration necessary for these clinics?

Answer: YES! We now have PreRegistration Form to (hopefully) make both the student’s lives and the instructor’s lives easier. Click Here to go to the list of clinics, and there you’ll find the link to the PreRegistration Form.


The clinics listed below are intended for people who are NOT REGISTERED as referees, and wish to become a Referee FOR THE FIRST TIME.

To Register For A New Referee Clinic CLICK HERE!

If you have any additional Questions please contact  Lynn Loring