Fall Recreational Registration is now closed


Hello CSA parents and coaches! 

I’m excited to finally see players on the field this week. I know some practices for some players are delayed due to a hold up in paperwork and certifications, but we are under way. 

A reminder or two.

  • Coaches are wearing masks. Every coach I saw last night did a great job!  Keep up the social distancing and reminding the players to limit their contact with ourselves and each other when not warranted. 
  • Parents should stay off the field.  I know it’s hard, but all of our fields have space off of the field that you can view practice from at a safe distance. (Parents shouldn’t be part of practice even prior to COVID matters).  
  • Some social media (FACEBOOK) posts reveal that some parents set up close to practice space.  This can’t happen.  If we want this to work, we need to all do our part.  We want to be sure that one misstep or infraction doesn’t spoil all of the hard work put into this season so far.  
  • Please have the Medical Release and COVID waivers filled out for your coaches on your first day of practice.  
  • Remember, if your player is sick, just keep them home.

Thanks for all of your cooperation.  


Geoff St.Sauveur
CSA Developmental Director

Coventry Soccer Association, Soccer