2020 Developmental Season FAQ


How are you handling the COVID-19 recommended guidelines?

  • Due to the restrictions that are before us for soccer activity, we are restructuring the way that Recreational Soccer will look for the 2020 season. We don’t want to cancel, as we feel strongly that the players in our community deserve the chance to play and improve. While “games” in the full/traditional sense are not currently permitted- practices, training, and scrimmages amongst stable groups are fine.  We are ongoing in our evaluation of the guidance given for youth sports and will consider modifying the season format if restrictions are relaxed.
  • Our plan will be to start after Labor Day and run through October (our typical 8 week program).
    • Minikickers groups will stay the same. (One day of training per week)
    • In older playing divisions** stable groups will have a practice during the week, plus a second session on the weekend that will allow for scrimmages and intrasquad play. (**playing divisions and single gender divisions are subject to appropriate reconfiguration due to enrollment #’s)
  • Developing our players and giving them a place to play, improve, and be active is top priority. Once the season is closer, we will communicate social distancing guidelines for families.  

I’m new to the sport, what do I need to buy? Do we get a uniform?

  • Your registration fee includes a uniform consisting of a colored shirt, matching color socks, and black shorts.
  • You will need shin guards, a soccer ball, water and we suggest cleats. Note that cleats need to be soccer cleats. Anything with a toe cleat, such as baseball or football cleats, are not allowed.

How much does it cost?

  • $105 for the first player, $95 for the second player, etc..
  • $85 for the U4 Mini-Kickers division.

What size soccer ball do I need?

U4, U5, U6, U8 – Size 3

U10, U12 – Size 4

U15 – Size 5

What nights are practices held on and where?

  • Coaches determine the practice nights and times. This won’t be decided until we establish our list of coaches. This occurs in the July timeframe. Your child’s coach will relay this information to you in the early August timeframe.
  • Practices are not held at Fish Hill, (except Fish Hill Softball Side). This is to help maintain the quality of our playing fields. The majority of the practices are held at facilities throughout Coventry, such as Hunters Crossing, and Colonial Acres, for example.

What’s the difference between your Developmental/Recreational program and your Competitive Program?

  • The Developmental programs emphasis is on fun and getting children interested in playing the game of soccer. All children fitting our age groups are welcome to our Developmental program. All children who register will make a team.
  • The Competitive program is for the soccer player who is perhaps a bit more serious about the sport and may wish to play year round. Our competitive program generally runs from Fall-Spring. Skill level ranges from premier level play to entry-level play. We do our best to allow all of our Competitive players to play on a team, but in some cases, not every player will make a team

Are there any tournaments this year for the Developmental program, such as the Target Cup?

Not at this time.

Any additional changes being made for the 2020 season?

Some may have noticed a price increase this season.  This has been done to keep up and cover costs for player dues and insurance.

In 2016, US Youth Soccer has switched to birth year to identify a child’s playing group (U14, U12, etc…). You can read more about this here:


In 2016, US Youth Soccer has mandated a no header rule for U10 and younger age groups. You can read more about this here: