Thanks to everyone that have helped for a successful first half of our Fall Season!! 

We want to have a safe and healthy finish!  

-Please remember to wear your masks while watching games at Fish Hill.   We have had to keep reminding some. 

-If your child is sick, please keep them home.  Youth soccer is not more important than the safety of the community. 

-If you are under quarantine for any reason (RIDOH, travel, etc..), that includes organized activity such as soccer. Please observe this and stay home until your quarantine date has passed.   Operate with extra caution.

-Some extended family have gone back to “not knowing” about 2 spectator limit.  This is still in effect.  It is your responsibility as the person getting these messages to share that info.  It is clear that you are sharing some information, as they are showing up for games at he proper times……Please help us keep safe and operational.  Other leagues have gotten inspections.  We want to keep this working, and by all accounts, we are doing great. 

-Schedules are posted on CSA site.

(HELPFUL HINT: Some are trying to open on your children’s chromebooks or school accounts. Coventry Schools blocks certain things from the outside. Open on your own parent/personal account or device. I get a request to give you access every time you try from a Coventry Account and there is nothing I can do, other than delete that email.) 





Wear a mask, we must! : BabyYoda

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