Coventry Soccer Associations COVID-19 Control Plan

The following COVID Control Plan is the result of a collaborative effort by the COVID Ad-hoc Committee of the Coventry Soccer Association (CSA) Board of Directors. CSA Board Members began to address COVID-19 concerns in March as COVID-19 spread to the United States and we
anticipated the impact in Rhode Island. Work continued remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to address the cancelled spring season and modify plans for future seasons. The COVID Ad-hoc committee was officially formed in June as youth sport organizations finally received state guidelines and permission to return to play with significant restrictions.

Coventry Soccer Association endeavors to follow all state recommendations and guidelines with regard to player safety. As such, we propose the following action plan with regard to providing kids an opportunity to safely engage with one another through youth soccer. This plan is subject to change as the state moves through different phases of reopening and updated guidelines and restrictions are communicated. Therefore, the  Control Plan contains a revision date to help identify the most updated plan applicable to the current phase of reopening. A written COVID Control Plan is required by all businesses and organizations reopening in accordance with the requirements issued by the state. A COVID Control Plan is a critical element to help protect public health as it articulates an organization’s plan to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 as the organization resumes operations. In addition to protecting the public’s health, adherence to an organization’s COVID Control Plan also protects the organization from being found noncompliant with state regulations. Through its work, the CSA Board has learned that the state is in fact checking businesses and organizations, including parks, fields, and youth sport organizations to ensure they have a written COVID Control Plan
and are in compliance with state restrictions. As such, CSA is committed to adhering to all public health guidelines as it endeavors to provide Coventry children a means by which to emerge from this difficult period.

Know that our efforts are not focused solely on playing soccer. We appreciate the role that our organization can play in helping Coventry youth transition to “a new normal.” Our primary concern is the emotional and mental well-being of Coventry kids and even their families. Social interaction with other children is key to their mental health and development. Soccer, even in a modified format, can help our youth take those important first steps toward a sense of normalcy they so desperately need.

As such, Coventry Soccer Association has adopted the following COVID Control Plan to resume youth soccer activities in town, with parental permission.

The Coventry Soccer Association Board of Directors

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