Coventry Competitive Soccer
September 30, 2013 (last Updated)
Coventry Competitive Soccer consists of three distinct seasons, Fall Competitive, Indoor Sessions I&II, & Spring Competitive.  The Fall and Spring Seasons are played outdoors at Fish Hill Soccer complex and other towns fields around the state.  The primary location for the indoor sessions is Wide World of Indoor Sports located in Quonset Davisville, North Kingstown.
The Dates and time frames for each season are listed below:

  •  Fall Competitive – Sept 1st –Oct 31st (Runs concurrently with Recreational/Developmental Soccer)
  • Indoor Session I – Oct 31st – Jan 15 Approximately
  • Indoor Session II – Jan 15 – Apr 1st
  • Spring Competitive – Apr 1st – June 15th  
Coventry Competitive Teams range from U8-U19 age levels for both the boys and girls divisions.
NOTE: U12 and Below Players MUST play Developmental/Recreational Soccer to be eligible to Play Competitive Soccer.
Coventry Competitive soccer teams are formed out of those higher skilled players looking for a more competitive atmosphere then recreational soccer.  Perspective players attend a tryout, are scored and ranked against their piers; they are then selected by a coach to form the most competitive team in that age division.  Roster size is also a determining factor in the selection of a team.  Not all players are guaranteed selection to a team; this is a competitive tryout and selection process.  Those players not selected are encouraged to further their training and tryout again next year. 
Once teams are formed, they will be placed in an appropriate level/division based on the team’s skill level and will compete against teams from other organizations/Towns.  During this time frame they will not only compete in league competition, but some teams will choose to compete in additional tournaments. For example outside of the regular indoor season I & session II games, during this period of time, teams may select from various tournaments that are held within the RI, CT & MA areas.  These tournaments are typically hosted during the holiday break periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter break). It is not uncommon for some teams to play up to 30 games during the indoor period when tournament games are included.  There are also a variety of tournaments held during the Fall and Spring Outdoor sessions as well.
For some insight into how teams are formulated, here is a summary of the tryout, evaluation process, rostering and selection process:
I. Tryouts
  • Tryouts will be held during the summer months at Fish Hill for the U8, U10, U12 & U14 age groups.  The listing of dates & times depend on evaluator availability and weather.  The dates will be Mass emailed to the CSA membership and will be posted on the CSA Website www.csa.ri.com.  If a tryout date is to be canceled due to inclement weather, please check the website the morning of the tryout date for updated information.
  • It is imperative that ALL players wishing to play competitive attend the tryout sessions. If a player cannot attend the initial tryout session, the coaches have the option of evaluating the player in a follow-up practice/Tryout session (TBD) to determine the appropriate team that the player shall be placed on.  The player and/or parent must notify the competitive Director prior to the tryout session, by email only , indicating the excused absence of the player from the tryout session.
  • Excused absences are medically related, preplanned vacation or conflict with a PLAYOFF schedule for another sport.  Should a player not make the tryout and the absence is not excused they will be placed on the bottom of the selection listing and will fill a team spot after all other players are placed, no matter their skill level.
  • There is only one (1) tryout session per age group per gender.  The session includes skills stations consisting of Running; dribbling; passing, Shooting; and Goalkeeping (only for those that elect to try) and then involves team play whereas the players will be exhibiting their skills under pressure in a game like environment.  Team play will be determined by the number of players attending the tryouts.  Game player situations will be small sided so each evaluator can get a good look at each player.
  • There are objective evaluators per age division per gender that will evaluate the players during the session.  The evaluators selected originate from a cross-section of CSA coaches, CSA board members, Former CSA Coaches, Middle School Coaches, High School Coaches, Premier soccer coaches, ODP Soccer coaches, College Coaches, former High school players and current or former College players.
  • In addition, proposed coaches for the current competitive season teams will take part in the evaluations Process.  At the time of the evaluation, coaches would have been identified for each team as best as possible. This is dependent on current number of volunteers.
  • Players are graded with a score of 1-5 (5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest) on each skill station and team play.  The players are then sorted in order of their final grade.
  • The pool of players that tryout will then be sorted in to an “A “ pool, “B” pool and “C” pool to be selected by the respective coaches.  The “a” pool of players is comprised of the most skilled players from the entire player pool for that specific age division.
II. Team Selections:
  • Teams are initially drafted for the Fall Outdoor season. The Fall competitive outdoor teams ARE not necessarily the same teams that will transition into the Indoor sessions and or spring.  Teams are redrafted for the beginning of the Indoor sessions.  The reasoning for this is for the Fall program there approximately 150 total players across all the age groups for selection.  When the Indoor season starts there are an additional 100-125 additional players that become available due to Middle/High School soccer ending as well as Fall baseball.
  • The “A” team coach will then make his/her selections from the “A” pool of player only.  The unselected “A” pool of players will automatically be placed on the “B” team and the “B” team coach will then fill out the balance of the roster from the pool of players in the “B” pool.  This will also occur for the “C” team is applicable.
  • NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE GUARANTEED PLACEMENT ON A TEAM.   There are limitations to the number of teams CSA can place dependent upon practice time’s available, number of volunteers to coach and the number of unselected players that don’t fill out an entire team roster.
  • The final graded scores will be tabulated by the competitive committee one (1) week following the tryout session and the coaches will start their selections.
  • Follow-up practice sessions may be called (within a player pool) to further define players selections and final team rosters
  • All players will be notified if they are on a team by their perspective coach.
  1. Please report for tryouts per the schedule listed on the website.
  2. Registration is required within 30 minutes prior to start of the tryout session.
  3. A non-refundable $7.00 fee will be required to be paid at registration for all tryout participants.
  4. If there is a conflict with a developmental game, please show up either before or after the developmental games for the tryout session within the block of time allotted for the specific age division.  
III. Uniforms
  • Coventry soccer is currently fielding a new uniform consisting of a white and red jersey, red shorts and red and white socks.  These uniforms are being provided by SCORE.  The uniforms have to be ordered and shipped, so letting your coach know specific sizes when asked is important.  Uniforms will be paid for on line when you register for the actual indoor session, not the tryout registration. The price of this package is $65.00.  Additional items such as a warm up suit, jacket and pants can be purchased, if interested let your coach know.  A soccer bag can be purchased through Coventry Soccer if you are interested as well.
  • The uniform will be used for Coventry Competitive team events for the next 3-5 seasons.  Uniforms changes are determined by the manufacturer closing down a particular line of uniforms and the best pricing available for the program.
IV. Team Fees (per Player)
  • Uniforms – Basic Package  (described above and only if required)                            $65.00
  • Fall Competitive Fees (Team Fees, admin Fees, Field Fees)                                      $40.00 – $50.00
    • Note Referee Fees are collected by the coach                                                   $15.00 - $25.00
  • 1st Session Indoor fees (team rates, Practice Fees, Admin Fees, Player Pass)          $215.00 - $285.00
  • 2nd Session Indoor fees (team rates, Practice Fees,)                                                $190.00 - $260.00
  • Indoor Tournaments are priced individually and handled by each team                  
  • Spring Competitive Fees (Team Fees, admin Fees, Field Fees, Player Ids)                $60.00 – $60.00
    • Note Referee Fees are collected by the coach                                                   $15.00 - $25.00
                                                                                           Approximate TOTAL          $535.00- $705.00
(Total does not include Uniform)
Note: (U19 playing fees are typically lower as they usually do not practice)
  • Indoor Tournaments are priced individually and handled by each team                   Cost Varies
The above listed dollar value represents an approximate cost only of the average yearly cost per player.  Payments will be due once the coach notifies the individual player that he or she has made the team.  Players WILL NOT be rostered until the initial payment for the session is made.  Payments can be spread out over several months to alleviate paying the full amount up front.  All payments should be made online using the got soccer system.  Note, tournaments are not included in the estimate.
V. Fund Raising
  • During the course of the Indoor season Coventry Competitive will run a Money Calendar raffle.  This raffle not only helps fund the program but is an opportunity for players to reduce their second session Team fee by selling Calendars.  Calendars are sold for $10 a piece or if you buy both Months, $15 for both.  If you sell $75 or more in calendars your team fee will be reduced by a figured %, last year it was 40%.  So if your obligation for the Team fee is $100, you would only pay $60.
VI. Practices
  • Practices will be held once per week at Wide World of Indoor Sports, North Kingstown.  The cost for these practice sessions are figured into the price per session and typically run between $110 -$140 PER indoor session.  So the total cost for Practice fees only is around $220 - $280 per year. 
  • Additional practices session may be held by the coach at a local elementary school gymnasium.  Only indoor soccer shoes or sneakers are allowed on the gymnasium floors.
  • The competitive committee will try to negotiate some indoor practice time at Wide World prior to the 1st week of the indoor games.
VII. Games
VIII. Equipment
  • For indoor artificial turf, a soccer cleats or indoor shoe/turf shoes are recommended.  Sneakers are allowed.
  • For outdoor games, cleats as used in the developmental league are recommended due to field conditions.
  • Shin guards are required for both the indoor session, spring outdoor league and at practice
  • Soccer Ball – U8-Size 3, U10/12-Size 4, U14 & up – Size 5
Thank you for helping build Coventry Competitive Soccer program.
James Kenney
Competitive Director
Coventry Soccer Association