Volunteering with CSA

Running CSA is no easy task...

Although CSA has a board in place it takes more then 12 people to run an organization. With over 1000 players, approximately 100 coaches, approximately 50 referee's, and a lot of things that need to be taken care of in the background that you may never see. Things such as; weekly field maintenance, buying and restocking of the Concession Stand, the Scheduling of teams - fields - referee's, Constant updates to the website, promoting CSA with local businesses to obtain sponsor's, and much much more...

It can take:

  • 12 volunteers, 60 hours to complete

  • What 24 volunteers, could complete in 30 hours

  • What 36 volunteers, could complete in 20 hours....

  • I think you get the picture... CSA Needs volunteers to help!

In order to do this we need additional people that make up the following committees. If you have the time and are interested we would love to see some new faces. Please go to the volunteer page if you are interested:

Volunteer Now, Click Here

Active Committees
 Communication - Concession - Competitive - Photographer - Sponsors - Uniforms